Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's day three of my life without sugar and well I guess it's not a life without sugar as of yet, because I had a few bites of chocolate cake yesterday. =(  I was having an afternoon low and craved something to pick me up.  It really didn't help me much so it was not worth it.  Did I mention I was trying to cut back on bread too?  I thought I would have a harder time cutting back on sweets than bread, but it's actually easier.  I just eat whatever I use to eat without the bread.  A salad with tuna instead of a tuna sandwich. It sure is a lot easier to do this when you eat at home most of the time, but having a 4 month old baby really gives me little time to prepare a meal for myself.  The best meal I have all day is usually my breakfast, which is scrambled eggs with spinach.  The rest of the day I eat here and there and it's usually lunch meat or fruit.  So far I think I'm doing great. =)

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